Volkswagen Shows Off Its Misogynistic Tendencies in Super Bowl Commercial!

Well, Well, Well.  I was sitting there enjoying the Super Bowl trouncing of Denver and mildly amused by some of the commercials (no real stellar ones last night, I must say), when VW’s commercial “Wings” comes on.  I must say that it did nothing to dispel the myth that German engineering and engineers are sexist and misogynistic.  Yes, women are very under-represented in the field of engineering.  The car company should be recruiting female engineers, rather than lauding the fact that their company has all males in positions of importance!  The one woman who looked like she might be an engineer was only in the commercial to slap the face of a male who got his wings.  I say shame on you, VW!  Instead of working to create an environment of equality and encouraging women and young girls to pursue a male dominated field of study, you have perpetuated the stereotype and possibly dissuaded many women from entering into a lucrative field and/or business.  SHAME ON YOU!  VW!

0 out of 10 stars <== the commercial



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