Turner Falls is the turn around, turn away destination for pet owners/lovers! Think twice before visiting!

This is what Turner Falls looked like when I was there 10 years ago…..

This is what it looks like now….

Not only is it green with algea and sadly depleted of water due to the drought, but the rules have been changed.  We used to be able to take our dogs there, but some moron left his dog in his car, and it died about three years ago, so NO PETS ALLOWED!  We drove almost two hours to get there, and then were turned out because we had our dogs with us.  Turner Falls used to be such a lovely and friendly place to visit.  Now, it is just a hole in the ground with a bunch of cabins and surly grounds keepers.  I’m sorry, but I will not be back!  Keep your “wonder of nature” for yourselves.

0 out of 10 stars.


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