The Baymont Inn, Kalamazoo, MI is the most inconvenient hotel in the country (well, close to it)

I stayed at the Baymont Inn for four nights and five days, and each day the hotel cleaning crew left something amiss. The first day had hair in the tub, second a missing floor mat, third a dirty tissue (not mine!) on the floor, and the fourth found my sheets had not been changed! They chose a very busy weekend (a huge conference in town) with all the rooms taken to lay new carpet in the halls, filling the air with noxious glue vapours and rude comments from the workmen. The breakfast had plenty of carbs, but it also had a very grumpy and buxom woman refilling and replenishing the stocks, mostly when a guest was trying to get a rushed breakfast before catching the shuttle to campus. The chairs and the bedcovers were visibly dirty, and the windows filthy. The parking lot was full of large equipment trucks, supposedly construction vehicles park in the tiny lot overnight. If I go to Kalamazoo again, I think I would prefer to stay in the dorms for the same cost.

download (2)

3 out of 10 stars.




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