American Airlines / American Eagle

Everyone knows I am no fan of American Airlines.  I do not like the way they run their business, nor how they treat passengers or employees.  I was not impressed with my flights out to Kalamazoo on Wednesday, but that was due to the cramped seating and turbulence.  The staff was polite and very helpful.


The ticket agents in Kalamazoo were amazing, getting me on a flight four hours earlier than my scheduled one, then the Chicago agents got me on a flight 20 minutes after I landed, so I actually got back to my home airport 10 minutes BEFORE my first flight was scheduled to leave Kalamazoo!  There was no turbulence on the way back.  There was one nasty flight attendant who thought he was all that and a bag of chips, nasty ass.  He talked down to anyone in coach and was very snarky.  Seriously, he’s just a flying waiter, not some sort of god who blows air up the pilots ass….well, maybe he is (cough).

I think American can do more for customer service and less to try to cram us in like sardines.  I will say, I am glad to be home early enough to pick up my dogs and ice my knee, which I cracked on the shuttle door at the car park.

6 out of 10 stars.


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