DQ stands for Delay Quickly

Dairy Queen in Farmersville, TX is an oxymoron. It serves fast food, but as slowly as possible.  Now only did I have to wait in a parking spot for over 15 minutes for my order, which was a simple hamburger and fries, but so did the three cars which pulled in behind me.  At 1:00 p.m., you would think they would have enough sense on a Sunday to have enough staff or food or whatever at the ready for the church crowds and anyone else who happens to want a “quick” meal.  My hamburger, while huge, was not too bad, but the fries were very overcooked to the point of being almost bitter, and they were the hideous dark brown when left in a deep fryer too long, and not only that, they were limp and lifeless, tasteless.  This is not the way I expect a chain restaurant to treat its paying public.  I understand the highway out front is ripped up and causes some inconvenience, but it really had no bearing on the parking lot or the ability to serve customers quickly and efficiently.  Shame on you, Farmersville DQ!

5 out of 10 stars.



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