Church’s Chicken, strangely inefficient



Okay, so I love this brand of chicken, so sue me (no, not really).  I have always loved it.  I stopped going to them when the one in Medford, OR (no longer there) completely messed up my order, charged me too much, and was rude about it.  I hadn’t gone to one of their stores in decades.  Well, I have gone to the one here on University Dr. in McKinney, TX.  It took FOREVER to get my two chicken strips.  That’s right, that’s all I ordered, two, count them, 2 chicken strips.  It cost me $2.80.  I’m sitting there at the window and waiting, waiting, waiting, almost seven minutes.  It’s HOT in Texas!  My dogs were in the car with me, and they were getting antsy!  So, I pay, get my little bag, and when I open it to enjoy my two chicken strips, I find that is NOT what they gave me.  There were THREE strips and TWO biscuits!  I’m now left wondering if they gave me someone else’s order, but there is no one else in line behind me, so I assume they were trying to make up for my long wait with an extra portion of chicken.  Like the title says, strangely inefficient. So, I’m inclined to give a rating of 3 out of 10 for slowness, but then I bump it up for extra portions, even though it is in a horrible part of town, looks rundown, and has a very dirty and potholed drive.

7 out of 10 stars.


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