Sad News

You may, my loyal reader(s), remember my review of a restaurant in Melissa, TX called Pad Thai?  yes?  Well, sadly, it closed not long after my review, due to finances, lack of patrons, and being bought out by a new restaurant.  I’m all for the commerce system, supply and demand, and whatnot, but the restaurant which replaced it is just another Mexican restaurant.  I love Mexican food and have it at least once a month, but Texas does not need another Mexican or even a Tex-Mex place!  Okay, Okay, I’m being unfair and not giving it a chance, since I have yet to set foot in the place, and it does seem to have customers on a daily basis, so to remedy this situation and my lack of insight into this place, I will be heading over there in about two hours to see if they have anything to offer to wow my senses and delight my tastebuds.  I shall return!



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