Shell Game: Can You Spot the Gas Station Serving Authentic Mexican Food?

I stumbled across the best Mexican food I’ve had in years.  This Shell Station is located across Hwy. 121 in Melissa, TX.  The little ladies and gentlemen who work there know their stuff.  You can get a delicious meal for $4.99 + tax, which includes rice, beans, meat, and tortillas.  The atmosphere may not be the most conducive to digestion, what with aisles of beer, cookies, and chips crowding the store’s interior, but get it to go and enjoy it at home.  They have lovely chicken, hash, veggies, and amazing tacos.  All are served with a lime wedge and a smile.  Be prepared to stand in line, if you go there during lunch because the Hispanic labourers are there in droves,  If you want good food, no matter what ethnicity, then always go where the people go!  This is good food and inexpensive!

8 out of 10 stars (no seating)



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