CHASE-ing Away Customers

Let’s hear it for the banks!! Hip-hip-booooo.  Banks already have a poor reputation, but there is one guy at the Chase bank on University Dr. in McKinney, TX who wants to make sure women feel belittled and put in their place.  Okay, maybe he thought he was “taking care” of me, but DO NOT tell me how to pay my bills in rural Texas!  DO NOT talk down to me like I’m a child!  DO NOT piss me off to the nth degree, then go running to your female manager and LIE about my demands!  btw, the female manager was very nice, accommodating, and understanding; she took care of the problem, after I explained how her male banker had misrepresented what I had said.  This guy has an ego problem, not only using his full name and the “third” after it when on the phone, but seeing himself as some sort of guidance counsellor for his sad patrons. He was very condescending. UGH!  I gave myself 24 hours to calm down after being in the bank and wasting an hour with this guy, but my anger is still very strong.  It makes me wonder if he has a wife, meek or overbearing, and how he treats her. <eye roll>  I do give credit to the bank manager because she was very professional and polite.

0 out of 10 stars to Johnny

8 out of 10 stars to Chase



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