There’s a New Kid in Town!

CVS pharmacy opened up this month in Anna, TX.  Today was the grand opening, and I went to collect my freebies with the coupons which came in the mail.  CVS had a very hideous Elvis DJ blasting horrid C&W music, a bouncy house and face painting,and tons of customers. Good for them.  CVS is NOT what my review is on, but the small Chinese drive-thru across the street, which caught my eye as I left the drugstore parking lot.

Rice Xpress is new, clean, and fast!  The food is good, if a bit more expensive than most of the Chinese restaurants in the DFW area.  The only fault I found was the drive-thru entrance behind the building is too obscure to be seen from the driveway, and the sign pointing to it had been hit by a truck or some other vehicle, obliterating it.  I had to back up when I realised I had missed the entrance.  The Asian gentleman was very polite, easy to understand over the intercom when ordering, and patient with me when I changed my order twice.  I’m allergic to stuff, so I had to make sure I didn’t get something I couldn’t eat.  The food is standard fare, but there is a lot of it and in reusable sectioned plastic containers.  If Anna wasn’t so far from home, I could see myself driving there every week or so.

9 out of 10 stars.



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