This Subway needs to Stay Underground!

The Subway on Hwy 121 in Melissa, TX is tucked behind a liquor store and gas station.  It is rather hidden from sight from half the traffic on the highway.  I think that is a good thing.  The bread was chewy and crumbly, like it had been made the day before and left out, the service was surly and unhelpful, and the sandwich tasted bitter, either due to old pickles or tomatoes.  I tend to believe the pickles probably had been left out overnight.  The tomatoes looked fresh, as did the lettuce, but there were fewer choices to put on my sandwich.  Subway has raised its prices, too.  There are only four choices, not good ones, for $5 footlongs now, rather than the customary 10.  I was very disappointed.  So far, I have been in this place three times and only once had a clerk with a smile and a sincere greeting.  I wouldn’t want to work along that highway, but if it was the only job going, I would make the best of it!

5 out of 10 stars.


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