Sonic, Sonic, Sonic, How You have Let Me Down

You know how you like a chain, but there is one in the line that is a weak link?  The Sonic on Hwy. 121 in Melissa, TX is that weak link which could keep me from frequenting Sonic altogether.  You know, my loyal readers, how much I love the Route 44 Diet Cherry Limeade low ice, yes?  Well, I probably will forego that treat, if Sonic doesn’t fix this store!  I went there after ten a.m. and ordered a burger on Texas toast with no sauce.  The reply was “is that it?”  Nice customer service.  Then, when I said yes, the voice in the box replied that the order would take over five minutes to be delivered.  I do not understand this.  It is the middle of the morning, no customers in sight, and the menu states that all items are available all day long.  I have never had a good experience at this store.  I decided to just leave.  I hate being frustrated and told my “fast” food at a drive-thru is going to make me pull over to an empty parking spot and wait in the heat of a Texas morning with my motor running, so I can stay cool in my a/c.  Yeah, no.

0 out of 10 stars



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