KFC gets Points for Honesty!

Okay, this is rare in my experience, but I went through a drive-thru yesterday, and the young man who took my money did not give me my change.  He was too busy making jokes and screwing around with his co-worker, Myk…..Names may have been changed to protect…wait, this isn’t TV.  Okay, I realised this morning, when I went to my change cubby in my car to get the $5 I knew was there.  My first thought when I realised it was missing was the sh*ts next door had broken into my car again, then I remembered I didn’t get any change yesterday.  I drove to the restaurant, and I spoke with a very nice young lady shift manager.  She called her owner/manager, and I had my five bucks back.  THAT’S service!  Thank you, KFC.

10 stars out of 10 for honesty

1 star out of 10 for hiring an idiot



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