Rooms To Go should be Rooms Be Gone

I just moved into a place twice the size of my last one; well, it wasn’t hard to beat, since I was homeless just a year ago. My BFF is coming to visit for a week, so I needed an extra bed, but I also needed a couch. I looked on the Rooms to Go website, and it said furniture could be delivered within 24 hours. I thought, “Great! I have always had their furniture before.” I went down to the local store at 75 and Parker in Plano, TX, as soon as it opened, and I met a very polite young man. He tried to help me, but every couch I wanted (four was my limit to try) couldn’t be delivered for 2 weeks to 2 months! Wait a minute, didn’t the website say 24 hour delivery? I asked to see a manager. What an ass. The manager on duty was Ron Holloway (Hollowman?), and he really was the Al Bundy of furniture sales. He was smarmy, condescending, and rude. He did find me a couch which could be delivered in the time frame I needed, but it came with a fabric protection, which I would never get, having many allergies to chemicals, and he told me I would have to pay extra for the privilege of getting a couch with that nasty stuff already on it. When I informed him of my allergies, he laughed at me. He was infuriating and a jerk. So, the basic idea is, Rooms to Go will get you what you want, as long as it is what they think you need, in their time frame, and after putting up with a slick-backed, smarmy Bundy in a suit. I was ready to purchase a couch which would have been in the $500-600 range, but instead, and because I needed it this week, I had to settle on a $200 nauganimal futon. Oh, and when I asked him about the return policy, he informed me that they do not take returns, so there is no reason to know if customers were displeased with the futon or not. Seriously? This guy needs to learn what customer service is.

0 out of 10 stars


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