In and Out of Town

My friend came into town from a state without an In and Out restaurant.  It was the only thing on his mind, getting there and having a burger and fries.  I stalled him for four days, until I could not listen to his hints and blatant requests any longer.  You see, I do not happen to like In and Out.  Their burgers, as long as they are without that nasty sauce, are very good, but their fries are just disgusting.  My friend loves them, as do many other people.  I think they are like eating fried styrofoam.  Their technique is to peel, cut, and fry all in one motion, so the potatoes do not get exposed to air for too long.  It makes them funky in my mouth.  I would prefer to be force fed McDonald’s soggy and limp fries any day.  So, for those of you out there who love In and Out, my friend enjoyed his burger, fries, and shake, and was immensely satisfied.  I had a burger with no sauce,and it was good.

8 out of 10 stars (just for my friend)



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