America’s Worst Eyewear

I sometimes need reading glasses, mostly when I grade papers.  Actually, I only need a reading monocle because only one eye is in need of slight correction, and I also needed to have my eyes checked because it had been two years.  The good news:  my reading vision has not changed!  The bad news:  the distance vision changed slightly.  I have mono-vision, which means one eye is 20/20 up close, and the other eye is 20/20 distance, but the mono-vision means they are completely opposite for each eye.  I am 20/30 distance in the eye which is 20/20 for reading.  See what I mean?  Since I don’t want bifocals, and I NEVER, EVER wear glasses for anything other than reading when I am tired or stressed (which really isn’t that often, contrary to popular belief), I only need reading glasses, so I needed this eye place to correct ONE lens in each pair, leaving the other one plain glass.  Could they get that straight?  Noooooooooooooooooooooo, not only that, but they corrected both lenses, which means I would have the exact opposite problem, making one blurry when reading and the other when looking in the distance.  sigh.  I know, I’m complicated, but really, they are supposed to be professionals.  Then the frames I ordered were supposed to be the same, but in different colours. They weren’t.  One was solid all the way around, which is what I wanted, and the other had wire bottoms, which I loathe!  I had to call this place to find out if my glasses were ready because they never called me, and low and behold, they hadn’t even dialed the correct number!  Then, when they went to look for my chart, they had misspelled my last name!  UGH!  These people are a nightmare.  “Can you come back later to explain the problem to our doctor?”  “NO! I cannot come back later!”  I guess, for $85, you get what you pay for!  The store I went to, America’s Best at Hwy. 75 and El Dorado in McKinney, TX has not impressed me in the slightest.  The people in the front of the business are clueless.

0 out of 10 stars

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